Event is not compatible with process?

Got this error:


Clicked MORE INFO and got this:


Clicked Learn more and got this, which is entirely irrelevent:


There is NO USEFUL INFORMATION IN ANY OF THESE to help me fix the problem! Because the app is live, I deleted the entire bot stack to eliminate the error and any possible “incompatibility”.

This was my first attempt to create a bot, to provide a daily report. This should not be difficult.

@prithpal @praveen


Sympathies, I haven’t had the courage to dive in yet. I find the terminology hard to get my head around.


I wasted 2 hours on Saturday, also on a live app and had to delete all ‘Automations’ and start over multiple times before I gave up and went another route. It would have taken me 2 minutes with a Report, but that button is greyed out…


Were they specifying the same table? i have done that before,puting a table in the process and another in the event, and it gave me the error of incompatibility.

Same here…But my most of problems regarding "Events solved when I selected option for every row of table in schedule type

You’d think it would say that, then. And why do I have to specify the same table in multiple components???

Yep, that’s what I was hoping. @praveen’s claimed novice users find automation easy and intuitive. I most certainly do not.

Why not make workflow and reports layers atop bots, so I can use the old interface to create bots?


I follow you.

I indeed mentioned the same thing on the first day the bot was introduced.


or at least better error messages, ones that tell you what you did wrong and not just incompatible.


Got this same error. It looks like you can’t schedule a process and also include a condition for whether it should fire or not unless you change it to ‘For Every Row Of The Table’ so I tested that out and got the same email about 60 times.

If Praveen is right then what we’re looking at here is the ‘Guitar Hero’ effect where people who can play guitar are very bad at Guitar Hero and people with no musical ability whatsoever become Slash overnight.

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