Event not detecting changes in Smartsheet?

Quick question. I have an app that uses a smartsheet as the data source. I was trying to get used to the new “Bots” and created one to send an email when there were any adds/changes/deletes to the smartsheet. So far I cannot get it to work. I then set up the same bot for an app that uses a gsheet as the data source and it works perfectly.

Does anyone know if the new automations are only working right now ONLY for google data sources, or should it work with smartsheets? I don’t want to keep chasing this if the source cannot yet be monitored.

Insights appreciated!

side note: for the “smartsheet” data source, no events show in the automation “monitoring” app. For the google sheet app/source, I can see the activities in the monitoring app correctly.


Currently “external” data change events are supported only for Sheets and Salesforce. We plan to add support external data change events for other data sources in the future.


Thanks @prithpal! That saved me a lot of troubleshooting steps :slight_smile:.