Exam praparation

Hi, I’m trying to build an app for my exam preaparation. I have 19 subjects with multiple “topics” And “subtopics”in each, supposed to be completed within 200 days. I need an app to keep everyday track of…
Subtopics covered, MCQ topics , and revised topics each day with respective time taken to complete them.
I have prepared spreadsheets for topics of all 19 subjects but finding it hard to make daily plan. Some guidance is requested.

Hi @hasan751! Welcome to the community!

I’m not sure how best to help you with your app but I too am interested in using AppSheet as a study tool. I’ve published the app on my profile page:


It’s basically finished but I’m going to publish a slightly revised version in a few days.

Here’ are some videos that explain the idea behind my app:

The videos need to be revised because the app has changed but the basic ideas are the same.

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Thank you! I have realised it takes a lot to build an app. And I see you’ve built quite a decent app! I’m still struggling.

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I’ve been working on it for a long time. It was a struggle but I got a lot of help here on this community. :slight_smile:

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Struggling? No, learning. You’re still learning. Keep up the good work!