Examples of retirement calculators in AppSheet?

Everyone, I am considering using AppSheet to build an online retirement calculator (people input various variables, choose options from pull downs and an output is rendered (no security needed as we are not storing data or anything, not asking for personally identifiable information (PII) or anything like that).

I am evaluating various options (including actually writing code and executing it on my client’s server in a language of their choice - which we’d both like to avoid for various reasons).

Options they threw out were things like:

I thought of AppSheet as it’s responsive by design and integrates with Smartsheet (which they use). I assume we could build the functions (in Smartsheet) but would appreciate the community’s thoughts on other options (AppSheet and ExcelOnline, or AppSheet with Google Sheets, or AppSheet with other).

Thanks in advance…

This is quite doable with Google Spreadsheet and you can also white-label the app if you want. Fairly easy.