Exceeded free user limit by opening app in too many incognito tabs

I opened my app (without login) in too many incognito tabs. Now I have 25 users on my free plan. Is there any way for me to resolve this issue without paying?

Are you using a Publisher account? Is your app a public one?

May I ask what’s the purpose of opening the app incognito?

Have you deployed the app? Have you marked the app explicitly for Personal Use Only?

Imagine a case like this, so you can get your own reply to your own question:
You run into a auto dealer, said you want test drive a car. After your 1hr test drive, the salesman asked you “What do you think of the car?” and you asked him “Can I come every single day with my friends and take this car for 1hr test drive for free?”.
How that salesman will/might answer your question?

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