Excel / google spreadsheet template for workflow "save file"


In my sector of activity ( Telecom deployment ) we have to produce technical documents for our clients.

This mainly involves using a template provide by the client or developed by my company feeding with a variety of elements :

  • Pictures
  • Texts
  • CheckBoxes
  • Color Formating
  • Etc…

Excel format is the norm in most of industry, for reports, building site validation or studies.

Appsheet is a great solution and fulfill most of my requirements, but as a lead project manager i need to rationalize some part of the daily task of my workers.

Appsheet has some workflow limitations, moslty cause the “save file” workflow can’t handle an .xls or spreadsheet template input and/or output.


I understand its an complex feature to implement, not to mention the overall cost.

With such a feature the appsheet solution will be perfectly versatile, unique in the market and ready to be use for all my clients and projects.

I try to democratize the use of appsheet around the other lead manager in my company and the main group ( Véolia ).

This feature is clearly a prerequisites for an easy validation by the executive committee and moving to a businees plan or entrepise billing.

Remaining available,

Best regards,