Excel Spreadsheet Formula Become Identical for Every Row

This is my first time trying to create an app so I think this must be a very newbie issue that you guys all know how to solve.

I am testing my prototype app in editor with a One Drive Excel table that has several formulas for all the rows. They are the same formulas for every row but not IDENTICAL as they change the row codes to pick the cells of different rows but of the same column.

However, after I successfully put in and synced the editable data for the first row by the prototype APP, all the formulas of different columns become identical, which means they all become formulas of the first row as shown below:

How do I avoid this and keep formulas work for their own rows?

I’d highly suggest converting the formulas to appsheet expressions and removing them from your spreadsheet.

Please post your formula here if you need any help with the conversion.

Thanks Marc for the advice! Another issue I ran into is that after I have deleted all spreadsheet formulas in One Drive sheet, the Appsheet editor still says the cells have both spreadsheet formulas and Appsheet formulas and it’s not allowed.

You probably need to go into the column definition in appsheet and delete the spreadsheet formula from there. Either that or regenerate the table.

Hi Marc,

For the formulas, is there a way to do A*15% different from [Field]*115? What does [Field]*115% mean?


I’m not sure I’m understanding you here. What do you mean by “A”? Like the column A?

[Field] * 115 would multiple the value in the [Field] column of the current row by 115.

It looks like your column A is titled “Entry No.”. So if you’re trying to multiple that by 115, you would do [Entry No.] * 115.

I believe this is quite the same issue with here: