Excel Templates: Insert Table

Would be great to have the ability to add Tables in excel templates.

I was recently experimenting with formula in my app template but couldn’t get the formula to reproduce after the first row of the report.

In order to get the process to continue with every report output I would have required a Table in excel so the formula copied down as required.

It was only after I trialled this out in excel doc that I realised appsheet does not support this feature in templates.

I take it a START/END within the template doesn’t work for you because the formulas involve values coming from outside AppSheet tables? What’s a typical formula look like?

Another reason that tables would be extremely useful for is when using MS Power Automate (Flow). We use MS Teams a lot and Power Automate is great for posting information in Teams channels and creating Planner Tasks from outputs generated from Appsheet workflows. I would like to be able to update a SharePoint List from the contents of an Excel file which is generated from Appsheet. However Power Automate needs the Excel file to be in table format so it can pull the information from it.

Update - workaround for Power Automate. This does not solve the original problem in this post.
Power Automate can convert an Excel Range to a table so do this as first step in the flow.