Excel Workflow Templates - Hyperlinks Don't Work

I have a workflow template in pdf format and excel format. I have a few columns with hyperlinks that work in the PDF template but the same expression in an excel template results in " xl://internal/"

I’ve tried a number of variations like:

  1. <<HYPERLINK([URL Column],[Page Title])>>
  2. <<HYPERLINK(ENCODEURL([URL Column]),[Page Title])>>
  3. <<HYPERLINK(TEXT([URL Column]),[Page Title])>>

but nothing works and the exact same expression works perfectly in the pdf version of the workflow. Am i’m doing something wrong?

Please contact support@appsheet.com for help with this.

Last time I contacted support they asked me what the issue was about 17 different times, kicked it up to a specialized department who initially responded but then became unresponsive. It get’s super time consuming. Thanks though.

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Hi Jordan,

This is code I wrote so I can probably make it work for you.
Please do the following:

  1. Submit a bug report that explains exactly how to reproduce the problem. A simple test case would be ideal because it sometimes takes me hours to reproduce the problem. Getting a simple repro case is often the hardest part.
  2. In the bug report, say that you have asked that the bug be sent directly to Phil Garrett.
  3. Please be patient with me, Hyperlinks and Excel templates are both really complex and hard to make work properly.
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I really appreciate that, thanks Phil!

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