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Hi Guys.
I have a slice which returns a [TransportType] which the data returned would contain the following values.


In the slice, how do I exclude MAKE AVAILABLE ?

In my world of Access Queries it would be something like NotIn(“MAKE AVAILABLE”) so what would be the syntax in the slice and where would I put this in the editor?

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Hmmm… I don’t understand your use of the terms “slice” and “return”. I would have to guess that you want to create a slice that includes only rows with a TransportType column value that is not MAKE AVAILABLE. To do so, use the following as the slice’s row filter expression:

("MAKE AVAILABLE" <> [TransportType])

Not(in(“Make Available”, [TransportType]))

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Cheers Guys

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Can this be extended Steve.

("MAKE AVAILABLE" ,"COLLECTION",<> [TransportType])

Multiple parameters as above?

It certainly could! Try and figure it out and let us know what you find.

OR([JobStatus] = “AUTHORISED”, [JobStatus] = “COMPLETE”,[JobStatus] = “ESTIMATED”,[JobStatus] = “AUTH-REQUEST”,[JobStatus] = “APPOINTMENT”,[JobStatus] = “NOTIFICATION”,[JobStatus] = “IN-PROGRESS”)

Thanks Steve, this seems to give me the filtered data I need ( Based on a different dataset but its correct)

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:flushed: how about…


Whenever I get a list of options this big, I typically start thinking backwards - what statuses do I NOT want - that might be a shorter list.


Good shout… :+1: Thnks for your version.

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