Exclude items from a valid if statment

I have a valid if statement that returns a list of potential values that are associated with a previous column

SELECT( Objectives[Objective] ,
[Goal] = lookup(
“Goal Assignments”,
“Goal Assignment ID”,
) )

This works to get me a subset of possible selections. (Run, Swim, Bicycle)

I would like to modify this valid if statement so that if I already created an entry for one of the options
Like “Run” then the only options display are the ones I have not select yet (Swim, Bicycle)

At present the app allows me to select “Run” but generates an error because there is already an entry, but I would to just not present the option at all if it has already been entered.

Hi @Mark_Taylor
You can subtract a LIST from another LIST

SELECT(…)- LIST([…])

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Thanks I will give it a shot


That did the Trick,

Basically did a

Select(All the Options I want) - Select(Any options I already selected)