Excluding empty value for suggested values in an EnumList Ref

Hi All,

I have a column EnumList of type Ref where I use AUTO COMPUTE > Suggested values with the following code:


In the Select condition, I exclude rows that have their column Working_Teaching_Tips empty. However, when the user clicks on the column to see the list of suggested values, an empty option is displayed. The good thing is that it disappears if I try to select any options (see video).


Do you have any recommendation in changing the expression above to avoid seeing this glitch?

-LIST("") at the end of your expression, also don’t use SPLIT() here.

Thank you @Bahbus!

Also, I thought I should be using SPLIT() anytime I retrieve EnumList of Ref. Why is SPLIT not necessary here?

SELECT() naturally returns everything as a List. No need to further split it. Split is only sometimes with finicky EnumList columns where the data is already stored. And even then, it’s only sometimes needed.

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