Excute an action on filtered data from selected rows

I’m writing an application that through a link on AWS Lambda (passing the data via Query-String ) allows you to create invoices in PDF format. The problem arises when my client would like to generate multiple invoices at the same time. The most obvious solution would be to select the various rows concerned then press a button and filter the selected rows and concatenate the information, but Appsheet does not allow this. Also, I can’t use Workflow because it doesn’t allow you to use an action that opens an external link.

So I tried with two buttons: the first changes a column made on purpose to manage which row is selected or not and the second to open the link and deletion of the selected rows. The problem that Appsheet lets show the latter only in the Detail View.


You should group the 2 actions into one and try.

This is already possible.

How? Because now I managed to do this using a Helper column and recreating the select feature (when you click on the row it changes the Helper column to true) and then the user clicks on the button in the dashboard and open the webpage.

This is the code of the latter:

CONCATENATE("***?Amounts=", ENCODEURL(SUBSTITUTE(SELECT(Fatture[Totale], [Selected] = true) & "", " , ", ";")), "&Appellativos=", ENCODEURL(SUBSTITUTE(SELECT(Fatture[Appellativo], [Selected] = true) & "", " , ", ";")), "&Names=", ENCODEURL(SUBSTITUTE(SELECT(Fatture[Nome_cognome], [Selected] = true) & "", " , ", ";")), "&Addresss=", ENCODEURL(SUBSTITUTE(SELECT(Fatture[Indirizzo], [Selected] = true) & "", " , ", ";")), "&YYYYMMs=", ENCODEURL(SUBSTITUTE(SELECT(Fatture[YYYYMM], [Selected] = true) & "", " , ", ";")), "&FatNumbers=", ENCODEURL(SUBSTITUTE(SELECT(Fatture[Numero], [Selected] = true) & "", " , ", ";")), "&RefNumbers=", ENCODEURL(SUBSTITUTE(SELECT(Fatture[Reference], [Selected] = true) & "", " , ", ";")), "&Arts=",ENCODEURL(SUBSTITUTE(SELECT(Fatture[Art_list], [Selected] = true) & "", " , ", ";")),"&Descriziones=", ENCODEURL(SUBSTITUTE(SELECT(Fatture[Descrizione_list], [Selected] = true) & "", " , ", ";")), "&Prezzos=", ENCODEURL(SUBSTITUTE(SELECT(Fatture[Prezzo_list], [Selected] = true) & "", " , ", ";")), "&Quantitas=",ENCODEURL(SUBSTITUTE(SELECT(Fatture[Quantita_list], [Selected] = true) & "", " , ", ";")))

How can you do without using the helper column? Because if you use bulk select, it would execute the action on every row and open multiple pages and you can’t use neither “Data: Execute an action on a set of rows” because based on which condition do you filter the rows?

Data: execute an action on a set of rows

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Okay but Data: execute an action on a set of rows (correct me if I’m wrong) in order to filter which rows to execute the action on, doesn’t need a Helper Column? Can’t it be done directly based on user selection?

In other words I have to create an action that changes the value of the helper column and then use Data: execute an action on a set of rows to open the link? (because this is what I’m trying to avoid)

Ah, I see now. I didn’t read your followups closely enough. You want an action that takes and acts on a user-supplied list of rows from a bulk select. That is, indeed, not possible without some sort of helper column or table,

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Will it be ever possibile? Because it is curbersome

I’m not aware of any plans to make it possible.