Execute an Action from a View

Hello - I have built an app to track installations at hotel properties. The tool will be used by supervisors to log the installations of beacons, aggregators and gateways for their technicians. Initially, at the start of the job, the supervisor must provide initial data about the property. This only needs to happen once.

I’ve set up a form view for the initial data, and a view to track the installations. Once the initial data is obtained (i.e., upon save), the app takes the user to the installation view.

Since the initial data is required only once, I’d like to execute an action that asks a question when the supervisor accesses the app and lands on the initial form view. The action will ask the user “Skip initial data?” to avoid entering initial data multiple times.

I noticed that you can execute an action when a form view is saved. Can you execute an action when you initial land on a form view?

No. But depending on how you are navigating to the View, you may be able to create a custom Grouped action that first performs one or more actions and then the last action navigates to the view.

For example, in a Table you have the Row Selected Behavior. Its default behavior is to open a Detail View when selecting a row. You could introduce a custom action for this Behavior that performs some activity before finally opening the Detail View.

I hope this makes sense!


I believe it does, John. Thank you. Let me see if I can get something to work. :slight_smile:

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