Execute an action on a set of rows : Reference rows

I m not sure if this has been like this before, but I have to highlight this as it makes actions settings a bit difficult. Or it is possible I m missing some important part of knowledges.

To set up action of Execute an action on a set of rows, for instanc,e we attach this action to Table 1, then select Table 2 as “referenced table”

For the referenced rows, I hit the expression assitant. On the column tab, it is making sense to me that we see the list of column for Reference table, in this sample case, set of column for Table 2, rather than table 1.

Currently, we only can see and select column from Table 1

This causes the simple yes/no validation expression such as [Col1]=True type of expression to slice the rows is not working. We need to construct the select expression like Select(Table2[ID], [Col1]=TRUE)

This should not be a bug. But to make the refereced rows condition much simpler, the referenced selection of the set of columns should be directed to Reference table, rather than table where the action lies.


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The expression is run from the context of a row of Table 1, not from Table 2; the expression is not filtering/slicing Table 2.


Thanks Steve, sounds like a matter of functions ‘scope’ issue which we can’t alter.