Execute and action for a set for rows in new bots automation?

I have 3 tables Seats, Hardware, HardwareAtSeat
HardwareAtSeat has columns ID,SeatID, HardwareID, and active
ID the key for the HardwareAtSeat table
SeatID is a reference to the Seats table
HardwareID is a reference to the Hardware table
Active is a Yes/No type

every time hardware gets assigned to a seat a new entry gets created for in the HardwareAtSeat table with the Active set to Yes what I am trying to do is to automate the process of searching the table and find all other entry with the same hardware and set Active to No.
I have an Action Update_actiove_Status
under Reference Rows, I am using the below
Filter(“HardwareAtSeat”, and(([_thisrow].[HardwareID] = [HardwareID]),[Active]=“Yes”,[_thisrow].[ID]<>[ID]))

if I trigger Update_actiove_Status manual for a row in the HardwareAtSeat table it works but if i call this from a bot it does not.

Am I missing something? Is there another way to do this?
Thank you for the help.