Executing a DeepLink action from an Email Silently

Thank you @LeventK for confirming.

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Leo, according to this page, you can have a HTML template as attachment or as Email body in a workflow rule.

Are you sure a HTML template specified as the Email body Template in the workflow rule “Email Content” section won’t work?

Jay, the ref’d page is explaining how you can create a HTML file type workflow template, which is the resulting file for an email workflow rule or scheduled report. Using HTML tags inside a gDoc workflow template won’t be working in any way. @Fabian mentioned that he is using a template for the email body and asked if it’s possible to use the same HTML tagging inside that email body template rather than the resulting file.

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Hi @LeventK. Another 3 questions :slightly_smiling_face:

  • How can I define the font in the HtmlService.createHtmlOutput? Let’s say Arial?
  • And how do you define the font in the Email Body?
  • How do you handle a table with Start Expressions in HTML? Like you have it here.

Ok, I got it. It would be nice if we could chain such operations from multiple workflow rules - i.e., generate the HTML using a template in one workflow rule and specify that as input to the Email Body in another workflow rule.

@Phil, is this something that we can look forward to in the future ?

I like to share another way to do this: With Integromat.

In your E-Mail you can create the Link:
Integromat is recieving this Webhook. The Router divides it into 2 Routes: If Status=TRUE, or If Status=False.
In the Webhook response you can define your Response Message in HTML. For me it looks like this:
The Button “Bestellung offen” sends the same Webhook, but with Status=FALSE.

At the End, the HTTP request sends the Data to the AppSheet API.