EXIF image data

Would love to be able to not only retain, but access with expressions the EXIF data of an image. Specifically the geolocation.

I agree, we should have an expression to extract EXIF data from an image.

It would be awesome to be able to auto-fill a LatLong column based on the geolocation of an image added to that row.

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I run out my votes.
I agree.
THe image file meta data should contain bunch of useful “data”. Appsheet is basically “data capturing tool” in dizitize way, why not capture image meda data and dump to data source for consumption?


Guys, please remember that not all images might have a LatLong exif data :hugs: For example; with the new Android smartphones (have no idea about damn iOS) provided you don’t explicitly set the geolocation for the camera, the images won’t be having a LatLong data or have it as 0.000000, 0.000000 pair.

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