Expandable Field

Is it currently possible to create a field, say a score for an applicant to a job, that displays a value and when this value is clicked it expands and shows “sub-fields”? My idea and purpose for such a feature is to show an overall score then allow a recruiter to click the score and see all the sub-scores that were averaged to make the overall. I don’t want it to open another view that shows the scores.

You could use a Ref value for this, I’d think. The Ref would refer to a row in another table that contains the "sub-fields*, and a column to contain the computed average. The computed-average column would be the label column, so it’s value would be displayed where the Ref value is used.

I have all the sub-fields in the original record. I also don’t want them to always be shown, only when they click a button which is attached to the score.

Ah, okay. You’ll need to add a Yes/No or Enum column that indicates whether the sub-fields should be shown or hidden. Then give each of the sub-fields a Show? expression that responds appropriately to that indicator column.

That was the idea that I came up with after my last reply. It worked as I wanted, but as for resetting the flag column after they are done with that row my only idea is a grouped action that resets the flag and a link to row action. Any better idea or would that be the optimal way to do it?

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Set Reset on edit to ON then set the initial value to whatever you want the user to start with each time.

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