Exploring AppSheet <> Gmail Add-On Integration

Hello, app creators! We’re in the very early stages of exploring the possibility of creating a Gmail add-on if there’s a strong use case that we can meet.

Are there any repetitive tasks that you’re currently performing on Gmail? If so, can you please describe the task along with any ideal state solutions you can envision? Thanks so much!


Hi @eddie We get Error Messages from machines. They send it to a gmail address. Then we use Zapier “Create a new row in Google Sheet when Email comes in” or the AppSheet “Create Record”.
Then a notification informs the User.

With an integrated solution, we would not have to use Zapier.


Could be pretty handy!


Before spending too much time, I’d first look at the functionality you get from something like Zapier linking Google Sheets and Gmail. Seems silly to waste dev time on something that already exists.

But if you are going ahead, I’d like to seem some sort of parsing of the email body and or attachment which could result in adding or updating rows into the App



More easy Native/In-App integrations negating need to learn & manage 3rd Party systems… it’s a GOOD thing! Like it! *Hi eddie! & WELCOME to this amazing Community!!

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Thanks for the feedback! Email and metadata to spreadsheet row would definitely be something we explore if we end up moving forward with this.

Thanks, Stephen! Appreciate the feedback too :slight_smile:

Any solution that helps bypass the google daily limitation by adding an API would be great, as google scripts dont always allow that.

Hi @eddie,

Is this project plan eventually pushed forward at the end, or uncertain, or died out?

I actually placed feature request like this and then found out this thread afterwards. Not sure Gmail add-in you mentioned in your original post means Gmail stands as data source to Appsheet app though.

Appreciate if you could share some secret in terms of roadmap and ongoing project in dev team in this regard. :smile: