Export CSV only selected rows

Hello, please, can you help me with the following please.
In my app, from the Schedules table, I add the option to be able to export to csv, but I only need to export the selected rows, is this possible?
I await your comments.

Thank you.

You could try the following option

  1. Add a new column to the table, a “flag” column.
  2. Create an Action that will set this “flag” column to some value.
  3. From the screen that you’ve shown, where you select multiple records, you can then run this new Action across all of those selected records (from the upper-right).
  4. Create a new Slice that will only show the records selected by the above.
  5. Create a new View based on the Slice.
  6. Trigger the CSV download action from this new View.
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Thank you very much @Marc_Dillon for your help. I understand what you are telling me, and the idea is very good. But as it indicates to me, I would have two screens, one where I select the records, and then I should navigate to another screen where from there if they downloaded the previously selected records, is that right?
My need is to be able to make the selection and download from the same screen.
I imagine it should work just like the delete option does …
I select and delete. With the difference that in the case that I propose, it would be select and download …
This is possible this?

Thank you in advance for your kind help!

Not exactly.

But here is another option. Note that you don’t use Appsheet’s CSV download Action for this.

  1. Multi-select your records as above.
  2. Click an Action to “flag” all of those records.
  3. Click a second Action button (just once, NOT for each record), to trigger a Workflow (or a new “Bot”).
  4. The Workflow/Bot sends out an email to the user, containing a CSV attachment with the selected records.
  5. You’ll need to create the CSV template to reference and output all of the selected records.