Export dashboard view and/or chart view

Hi everyone,

Is there a way to export a PDF file with the data (charts) shown in a dashboard?

I would like to export a PDF Report including the charts selected in a dashboard view.

I haven´t been able to set up actions on Dashboard or Chart views. The buttons are nor showing on the view.
Is there a workaround for this?


You can put anything you want in a report, but there is no built-in way for the report to know what is displayed in any view, dashboard or otherwise. You have to construct a way to note what is displayed and build a report template that works from that. Not trivial.


Thanks so much Steve, I will try working around with the templates see if I can have there the chart view.

The other part of my question was if the trigger for the report, can be generated with an action button from the dashboard or chart view.
I havent been able to add actions to these views.

Thanks again!

You can add action buttons to dashboards with this:

To generate a report with an action, the action must make a change to a table that then triggers a workflow to generate the report. The changed table does not need to be the table the report will be about (but it could be). It just needs to be a table with a workflow that will respond to the change and generate the report you want.


Thanks so much @Steve!
I´ll work with this!

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Hi @Steve, sorry to bother.

I still haven´t been able to find out how to insert a “chart or graph view” to my e-mail templates, only data and images…


I´ve found posts on the “help” website and here in the community, but none of those mentioned how to insert a “chart or graph view” into a Template.

Is this really possible?




Thank you @tsuji_koichi, you are very kind!