Export file from filter to slices

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I’m creating an app to manage the name of the supplier. I use feature slices to filter data. Like the picture below. I want to create a feature Export in a view filter for export files from a slice. I don’t know how can I do that, I tried use workflow but I didn’t see the feature like what I want. Some videos on youtube guide export file. But that it’s an old version, when I learn and try it for my app, it’s very different from what I see on youtube. Hope someone can help me.Thank’s for all.

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Have you tried including a CSV export action (overlay type) in the following view.

So instead of having action in the filter view, please explore if you can include overlay action in the below table view itself.


Please enable Overlay actions in Options under UX → Options under Dashboard Options . Please enable this CSV Export overlay action in the slice on which the following view is based.

A similar setup in a test app.


Thanks a lot bro

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I have the same case, but the CSV results don’t match, the row still appears all of them there is a solution