Export Images

How can I view and/or export images that were taken via my AppSheet application and stored as a filepath in the backend google sheet?

Hi Andrew, check out the “Image Storage in the Cloud” section of this Help article:

“By default, the captured image is saved in a subfolder in the same location as the spreadsheet.
The subfolder is called {TableName} _Images by default.”

You should be able to access and export everything there :slight_smile:

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I’m not seeing the images from the application stored in the sub folder. Is it user dependent for the location?

I found the folder it defaults the images to which I never changed, however these images are not showing in this folder. Are they specific to the user?

Images are not specific to user. App owners should be able to access. I would double check the path in the google sheet to make sure it’s calling the right folder. It should be in that {TableName} _Images