Export specific view/slice in iCal format

AppSheet Calendar view is not very functional compared to Google Calendar or similar specialized calendar platforms.

It would be easy and great solution to have an iCal export of specific slice or view from AppSheet app. This would enable to use Google Calendar or any calendar to show app items.

An open standard file format originally introduced in 1998, iCal stores calendar information in a format that’s easily shared between applications, both calendar and apps such as Microsoft Excel. The major calendar applications support iCal’s ICS file format, including Microsoft Outlook for Office 365, Apple Calendar, Yahoo Calendar and Google Calendar.

P.S. I know that there is an option to use Google Calendar as a source in AppSheet, but it’s functionality is limited, and doesn’t solve the problem.

ICS files are just very specific CSV files. You might be able to find an online tool that will covert a CSV to ICS for you in the meantime.

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Thank you! That’s cool!

Is it possible to make up a script in AppSheet that will create ICS from a slice?

In fact I need to create ICS file on the fly by the app itself after every update to the table. Is it possible?

Or at least is it possible to create CSV file on the fly by the app upon update to the table?

There is both an ICS and CSV option for saving files.