Export to CSV not doing anything in the app

I’m brand new to Appsheet but managed within a couple of hours to change the Advanced Inventory Manager sample to tailor my needs. Got everything working on my mobile, I can enter data.

Next I would like to export the data to CSV. Found the sample app on the net, studied it and created similar in my app. When I go the Expression Assistant in Behavior in the export Action and run ‘test’ the results are as expected,

However, when I deploy the app the export button shows up on my mobile but when pressing it NOTHING happens. When I deploy the export to csv app I can run it on my mobile. I compared both but do not see anything that would explain why one is working and the other is doing nothing.

I tried to find answers in the forum but could not find anything related to this problem.

Any help to solve this issue would be greatly appreciated.


Welcome to the AppSheet community.

I believe the export to CSv action works only on desktop browsers.
Please take a look at the following article and section " App: Export this view to a CSV file in the article.

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Tx for the reply. I did look at the article, to no avail.
If your suggestion was to be correct (as stated in the article) then the app “export-csv” would also not run on my mobile and yet it does. So my line of thinking is, it has nothing to do with browser or mobile but the cause why one runs and the other not must lie somewhere else.
I cannot detect the cause myself.