Export to CSV with Filter

Hello Experts,
I have created an action to export data into CSV. Its working fine. But I have used the “LINKEDTOFILTEREDVIEW” to apply some filter criteria in the view. If I apply this filter and my view has only filtered data and its multiple entries available. Now I would like to export this filtered data to CSV. Here I am getting only single entry in my CSV file & its the last entry only. Without filtered CSV has all data but after applying filter, CSV has only single entry.
Could you please help me on this?


Sounds like it could be a bug. I would email support@appsheet.com.

As a workaround, there are a few other ways to filter the data before downloading a CSV.

  • Create a Slice with a row filter condition, base the view on this Slice.
  • Use the “Group By” Feature to group rows by some column. User selects group first, then downloads CSV.

Neither of these methods are as flexible as LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(), so you may not be able to get the exact filter condition you want. But you may be able to combine them and get pretty close.

Use the Slice to filter any rows that you definitely don’t want, then use the view to Group By a column to filter further.

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