Export to csv works fine on my desktop but wh...

Export to csv works fine on my desktop but when I try to do the same thing in Android on my phone it almost always hangs with a white screen, although very occasionally it has done the export OK. Any suggestions?

Hi @David_V, I don’t think CSV export is supported on mobile (@praveen correct me if I’m wrong here). Based on this similar post: Download as CSV ins’t working on iPhone… Downloading CSV in the browser or… plus.google.com

@Adam_Stone_AppSheet That’s correct.


Does the issue with download csv solved?

As I am having the same issue that download button works fine on my desktop but not on my android phone.

If not, can you suggest some other way to download data from the app?

Thanks in advance.


As per the original reply it only works on desktop, I think because they didn’t see any need for it to work on Android.
Actually I import the data into another app (Quizlet) so it would be useful but it’s not a big deal for me to wait till I’m on a desktop.

@Nidhi_Shrivastava If you want to create a CSV from the mobile, you should create a Save File / CSV with the Workflow. For that purpose you need to create a template. When the template is created, you need to create a Workflow with two actions. The first action will create that CSV and next one sends it with the email. The easiest way to trigger that Workflow would be an action button that could write user’s email address and Datetime value into a suitable field. You could do that with USEREMAIL()&"#"&NOW() and then you can read the user for your email’s TO field like INDEX(SPLIT([ColumnName],"#"),1). For doing this, your app needs authentication though.

Thanks Aleksi. I tried what you discussed but I am getting one error while creating a template for the CSV workflow in the

<<Start: Select(MyTable[MyKey], TRUE)>> statement.

I am unable to get the Mykey of my app. Where to find it? Your reply will be a great help.


I am just jumping in here so may not fully understand your challenge… but…

I think @Aleksi is just showing you an example how to set up the Select statement. MyTable[MyKey] suggested using the table name you want the data to come from, and the name of the “key column” for that table ([MyKey]). Check the “Columns” setup in your app editor for that table, and one of the columns has been defined as the KEY. Hope that helps.

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Thanks very much I will do as you said.

Nidhi Shrivastava