Export to Google Docs

Hi Folks,

I have an app that I need to export to Google Docs, not PDF, I assume it must be possible. Since the template it is in google Docs, should I export to Google Docs.

Even I can open the pdf generate in Drive with Google Docs. And thats what exactly what I need.

I need that after generate the report wants to open the google docs generate with the data.

Any Ideas. ?


Geovanni Rojas

It is not supported at the moment. You can convert this to a Feature Request, if you wish.

One solution is to use Google apps script if you are savvy with coding.



Can you give a reference for code it in GAS ?

I haven’t tested it but here’s one example- https://opensourcehacker.com/2013/01/21/script-for-generating-google-documents-from-google-spreadsheet-data-source/

Also, here’s a templating library - https://github.com/vtst/google-apps-scripts/tree/master/VtstTemplatingLib

Thanks for the advice.

Not exactly . But I recognize may be a solution.