Export to spreadsheet

Hi all.

I have app data that id like to send to a spreadsheet that is laid out like an invoice for a customer. I see there is an option in the email workflow for an excel attachment. Can i export my data to that spreadsheet form and send an email to the customer a pdf of that spreadsheet form filled with the collected data.

I understand how to do it to docs but can it work to a sheet…? Thanks

Yes, this is doable - there’s no difference in the template expression syntax.

Dear @Bellave_Jayaram, I’m afraid that’s not possible at this moment. Yes you can use Excel as a template, but it will save it as Excel, not as Pdf.

Yes, true but users can always save it as pdf in Excel

@Bellave_Jayaram Absolutely

@Aleksi, @Bellave_Jayaram
Once I remember that we had a platform that we were using…ummm…hmmm…Tlack, Klack…something like that :slight_smile: Anyway, nice to see you at least here :grin: