Exporting to Google Drive not working

I am trying to export a PDF to a distinct Google drive folder, when I press an Action.

It seems as though the only way I am going to be able to do this is in the New Bots Section, which seems to be giving me some issues.

In the Events section of the Bot, I am not seeing a place to set it as an Action, so I can set it run when I designate. That is my first issue, but even if I were to time it, it would still be fine.

Then I go into Process and selected one of the Tasks I created.

The Task is setup to run to Create a PDF and save it in the File Folder Path “HistoricStaffAttendance”.

But nothing is happening, no file is ever exported. I checked the path, and it seems to be correct.

Is this the only way? I cant just put this in an ACTION, which I currently have working, but it only downloads to my computer, and not my Google Drive, which is where I want it to automatically go.

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