Expression appears to be part of a cycle and can't find the expression

I’m getting an error, but only sometimes on an app
Unable to fetch app definition. Error:Expression appears to be part of a cycle:
IF(AND(NOT(ISBLANK([Line 1])), ([Line Checked 1] = “YES”)),1,0)/nExpression appears to be part of a cycle: 1/n

We can usually resync and it will work

This also sometimes shows up in the app designer as an error, but not often.
When it does show, it doesn’t show me where the expression is so that I can fix it.
And I can’t find it when I look for it.

Is there a way I can search for an expression, or does anyone know what might be causing this?

I’d guess Line 1 and/or Line Checked 1 are virtual columns and that they refer to each other or to the column with the expression you provided.

Both are real columns (if it’s the table I think it is)

The only thing I can see that’s anywhere similar is a format rule:
[Line Checked 1]=“Yes”
Which formats Line 1
Could that be connected?

I also don’t think I would write NOT(ISBLANK, I’d use ISNOTBLANK, which makes me think it’s a hidden expression as I can’t find it anywhere.

Hmmm… I’m thinking this might be pretty deep in the guts. You’d probably do well to engage directly for this one.

thanks will do

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