Expression Assistant - Checking if Value is between two numbers

Is there a way to check if a value is between two values?

[ColumnsName]>100 works.

Is there a way to do something like this:



[ColumnsName]>100 && [ColumnsName]<200

Thank you.

Iā€™d go with AND() function:

AND([ColumnsName]>100, [ColumnsName]<200)


Thank you for your reply, With the help of perissf, I found the section of the documentation I was looking for.

For those who read this in the future, the AND() function is a " Composition Operators" and those are talked about at this URL: Yes/No Expressions | AppSheet Help Center

AND({condition 1},{condition 2},{condition 3},ā€¦,{condition n})

If all the conditions in the AND expression are true, then the result of the expression will be TRUE (Yes), if any of the conditions are not true, the result will be FALSE (No). Separate each condition with a comma. Each condition is an expression in itself, so be aware of how the expressions are nested.

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