Expression Assistant in UX/VIEWS - Display/Show if does not provide expression builder help


Unlike the SLICE Row Filter expression builder, when you write expressions for a VIEW “Show if” expression, there is no help provided to pick columns, functions, or syntax information.

This is a really helpful feature and would think it should be implemented for all expression dialogs. The inconsistency can be very confusion and creates inefficiency. In my case, I am cheating by building expressions in the SLICE dialog and then pasting that into the VIEW Show if.

When creating a ROW FILTER for a SLICE user expression building guidance:

But when creating a VIEW Show if expression, there seems to be no guidance:

(Michael) #2

@Mike I have the expression reference in the builder when creating a Show_If.

I have run into this issue before though. Try canceling, saving the editor and trying again.


@Michael - it repeated a few times. Let me take another look and try in another browser as well…

(Tony Fader) #4

Hi @Mike. @Joseph_Ryan is looking into this issue, he’ll get back to you.


Thanks @tony and @Joseph_Ryan. I rechecked, and in Chrome browser, if I try to define a Show if expression in a View, the Expression Assistant does not show the column and function tips/options.

(Tony Fader) #6

We’ve put in a fix for this and it should go out tomorrow. Thanks for bringing it up.


@tony - did i forget to say … you guys are awesome!! Not something we can’t work around, but makes editor experience inconsistent. Much appreciated.

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