Expression Assistant. Move Save to top. And/or make bottom portion expandable/collapsable

When you first open the expression assistant you see this:

Then you have to wait a second or two before it loads the rest of it:

This is really jarring and inefficient if you’re trying to move fast in the editor. Extremely often, I will already have an expression copied and ready to paste, so all I need to do is open, paste, save. But that’s super hard because the “Save” button is going to move position after a certain amount of time, so I either have to unnecessarily wait for that delay, or try to move extra fast and risk clicking save before it has a chance to move (thus possibly clicking on something else accidentally).

This can be solved by 1 or 2 options, and preferably both.

  1. Re-locate the Save button to the top of the window, instead of the expanding bottom. Something like this:

  2. Make the bottom portion of the expression assistant a collapsible/expandable section, that initially loads in a collapsed state (or create a user-configurable editor option for the initial state).

Thanks for considering!

Possible option #3. Let Ctrl-S keyboard shortcut work to save the expression. Currently, doing that from inside the expression assistant just saves the entire editor.

YES, PLEASE!!! The jumping Save button drives me crazy!


Bahhhhhh! It just hurts my very soul when all I need to do is delete some appsheet-auto-suggestion in initial expression, but I have to wait for the assistant to fully load before I can click save.


I find it very annoying too.
As a workaround, have you tried using it with “examples” section collapsed?
I barely use it anyway:

Edit: Just to make it clear, it’s thanks to QREW Tools Extension

“Examples” is from QREW extension, not Appsheet.

Design by someone who doesn’t use AppSheet regularly.