Expression Based on Field in Related List


I’m building an app for a cat shelter. Right now, I have two tables - Cats and Movements. The Movements table tracks the admission and outcome info for each cat.

I have a Primary View for All Cats, which uses the card view type and displays the image of the cat and the cat’s name.

I’d like to build the same view for current cats, meaning cats who have an admission date in the Movements table, but do not have an Outcome Date in the Movements table.

I tried creating a slice based on the Cats table, but I cannot figure out the correct Expression.

I tried the expression below; however, it does not return any records.

AND(ISNOTBLANK(Movements[Admission Date]),
ISBLANK(Movements[Outcome Date]))

I also tried creating a slice based on the Movements table, with a variation of this same formula. It does return the correct data but then I cannot figure out how to get the photo to show in the card as I don’t have access to the image field from the Cats table in the UX view.

Any help is much appreciated!

What columns do you have on the Cats table? It sounds like you’ll need Admission Date and Outcome Date columns on the cats table. With those dates you’d be able to create a slice that shows cats with an Admission Date but no Outcome Date.