Expression Builder NOT Detecting Missing Squa...

(Colin) #1

Expression Builder NOT Detecting Missing Square Bracket

I have noticed a problem with Expression Builder where it is not detecting a Missing Square Bracket like in the following:



The column is ‘SEND_MESSAGE_YN]’, missing the opening square bracket. When I click the Verify button it is not noticing this.

On the contary, when I have a missing round bracket like the following:



When I click the Verify button, it detects the last open bracket at the end of the expression with this error message:

"Expression '=IFS(([SEND_MESSAGE_YN] = True), TODAY() ’ could not be parsed due to exception: Number of opened and closed parentheses does not match. "

Can you please clarify this?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

I tried with exactly same column names and I couldn’t reproduce that kind of behavior. Do you have any other details that could affect this issue? Where did you use that builder?

(Colin) #3

On my windows 10 operating system desktop computer in a google chrome browser. Any other details: I cannot think of anything significant. The data is coming from a excel spreadsheet.

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

Where did you use the builder? In “Edit column definition”? In the workflow? Somewhere else? I just want to try if there is any difference? Printscreen about it?