Expression code to get that text

Hi everyone!!
As always, Thanks a lot for these resources, I’m learning a lot from that community!!!

I have a question about how to build the code for my expression. I’ll try to explain me:
I have a form where one question if “Do you have any symptoms?”, if the client say “Yes” then I show some other related questions to answer Yes/No such “Cough: Yes/No”, “sneeze: Yes/No” and a last one “Other: _____” too fill with other different symptoms if you need.

When the form i saved (or changed), I get a report with a text filled with that information.

I know how to use the expression “IF” to get a text depending of the answer of Yes/No question, but in that case I don’t know hoy to build it. I suppose I have to use the IFS expression but don’t find how.

I what to get a text in which if client says he has just cough and sneeze but not headache, I get a sentence like “the client says he has cough and sneeze” (without say anything about the other question answer as “No”)…
And if the client says he hasn’t have any symptoms I get a text with “The client hasn’t have any symptoms”.

I don’t know if I explain me correctly, sorry for my english jajaj
I search in the forum before to write that question but I don’t find it.

Thank you all again!

What have you tried?

I though to use the IFS expression but don’t know how and I didn’t find it in the forum. I’m sure there is some information here and I would like to learn it (how many expression can I write in one IFS? Can I use one IFS into another IF or IFS expression? etc)

However, I’m thinking could be better use a text box to write the information about the symptoms if they check any one of them as TRUE… I’m going to try in that way…

PD: Even so, I still interesting in learning it jajaja

Thank you!