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Hi community…
I need your help to create expression in my app ,I want to record value in one field from the value of rownumber where:
The field name is [ID], and there are two users, I want to make the ID value for user1 equal to rownumber+1, and the ID value for user2 = rownumber+2. and the discrimination between users by the email value.
Thank you in advance…

Unfortunately you cannot provide this because there is always a chance of creating a duplicate values for any one of the users.

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Thank you levent.
To avoid this issue I try to create unique field. So Is there solution to this issue?

Provided 2 users try to create a record at the same time there will always be a possibility of assigning the same row number to them. So even the unique id will not be a solution unfortunately.

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I know this possibility, So I tried to find solution.
Thank you leventk very much

You’re welcome