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Good Afternoon All,

Im trying to set up an action to Auto format an email in our HACCP/BRC Program for the documentation that almost or has expired.

Each Supplier Need to Have 3rd party certificates and Proposition 65 documents. This is no problem.
Now each supplier has many products, each product also has many Documents associated with each one.

The problem is I can only use 1 expression to format the body or the external email.

I have the supplier documents etc, now it is the documents of the child Items, How would I go about this while keeping it all in 1 expression.

See below what I have so far.

CONCATENATE(IF(TIMENOW() < "12:00:00", "Good Morning", "Good Afternoon"), "

", "Could you  Provide the Following documentation", "

IFS(and([Third Party Certificates UTD] <> "Green",[Third Party Certificates UTD] <> "Blue"),
"Third Party Audit Documentation")"
",IFS(and([Proposition 65 UTD] <> "Green",[Third Party Certificates UTD] <> "Blue"),"
Proposition 65"))

Now I need to iterate through the products. Each product has 8 Documents.

Would be awesome to use templates in Email body :slight_smile:
I’m not sure if i’m creative enough at to figure out how to iterate through each product and keep it in the same formula.


Why are you not using a workflow or report?

Not possible.


Cant, Got to open our own email so we can possibly edit before sending.

Its possible just 1 massive expression. Figured there may be an easier way.

Shit, I’m going to make the longest expression I’ve ever made. Each supplier doesn’t ever have more than 30 products. Lots of ifs. :hot_face: and Counts.

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I give up to much of a mess

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