Expression Error

I am trying to generate an if/then expression for if my Qty on Hand column drops below 2* my Monthly Average column, it will show a red bell next to the item. I have used the formula exactly as I’ve seen in appsheet exapmles, [Qty on Hand]<2*[Monthly Average]. But when I insert the first column, Qty on Hand, it gives me this error:
The expression is valid but its result type ‘Number’ is not one of the expected types: Yes/No
Any ideas? It’s causing me lots of frustration and bad words at my computer. Thanks.

To show a red bell icon, you should be putting this expression into the condition field of a format rule. Is that what you are doing?

What do you mean by “when I insert the first column, Qty on Hand” ?

Any screenshots you can provide will also help a great deal.

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I mean, when I click on the flask, and go to ‘columns’ tab, I insert (right blue button) the [Qty on Hand] column then get the first error image I posted above. Then I continue typing the expression and get the second error image posted above. I’m really new to this so maybe it’s something really silly I’m overlooking, but my app seems to work otherwise.

Well the first error is just because you haven’t finished writing the expression.

The second error suggests that your Monthly Average column is not a number or decimal type column.


ok, thanks on the heads up for the first ‘error’, will ignore that.
I changed my Monthly Average column to a number format (it was not set to any, but there’s only numbers in it, so maybe “automatic” format by default) but it’s still giving me the same error…

This is where you change a column type.


Thank you thank you!!! It works!! I was changing the format in my spreadsheet but not in the appsheet spot, so once I did that, and reformatted tables/refreshed it worked. You’re the best and thanks for your help!!

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