Expression for if it's been more than 2 weeks since the last inventory check

I’m trying put in an expression for date last checked being more than 2 weeks. What am I doing wrong? The column of ‘Date Checked’ is set to date in appsheet.

It sounds you are using Yes/No type column to check the date aging beyond 14 days.

IFS([Date Checked]<TODAY()-14, TRUE)

Will retrun true or Y on the button of (Y/Ntype colum) with the above expression when the date is older than two weeks from today’s date.

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In most cases, the IFS() here is extraneous, unless for some reason you’d prefer a blank instead of a FALSE value. Can just use:

[Date Checked]<TODAY()-14


Good point @Marc_Dillon. Thank you. Yes, Y/N column expression is similar to constraint settings of columns where IF is already built in so extra IF is unnecessary.

Thanks so much both of you! Got it working with the [Date Checked]<TODAY()-14 formula:)

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