Expression for Navigating Form

Hey All,

I would like to propose the following feature.

The ability to pro-grammatically navigate to certain “Columns” in a form.

The ability to pro-grammatically navigate to certain Pages in a form but I think this falls under columns as well because a page is defined by a column.

This would have a vast amount of use case and could really help create a more user friendly experience for the end user.

There already is something in the AppSheet back end that can kinda handle this as when a user tries to save a form and they forgot something, it will navigate to the forgotten item/ “Column”

You can kind of do this to an extent. You could use Show columns as Page_Headers, that programmatic control what columns need to be seen, along with complex Required_Ifs for what needs to be filled in. And then even Form Saved actions to immediately take them to a different form for a different table, if needed.