Expression from list

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I need some expression help.

I have a table that has a column Type of List called parts used. This list is referenced from another table where users can enter the parts they have used for a repair. Each of the parts in this list in this column has an associated Cost which i can get by doing [part name].[price].

What Im trying to do is getting the total cost of all the parts in this list as to get the total Job Part Cost.

Any help would be appreciated.

Need more information, please.

So I have a parts used table, nested in my Maintenance form/Table,

Maintenance Form/Table

Parts Used Table

In my maintenance form, I want to see the total cost of the repair,
So i will add a virtual column called Total Cost, I need to go through the list and multiply the Part Cost X Part Amount and add them all up.

I hope this helps a little,

If you don’t need the individual part cost in your “Repair Parts Used” table, I would change the “Part Cost” column’s app formula as [Part Name].[Part Cost]*[Amount]. Then you will have the total cost for that record. Then you can read the total cost for the maintenance like…SUM([Parts Used][Part Cost])


Thank you, eventually i hope to get this stuff down pat.
will appsheet ever have an editor? and intelligent hints when you type in it?

Sorry, I’m not 100% sure what do you mean by this… "will appsheet ever have an editor? "?

Code Edit, like Netbeans