Expression Guide / Documentation for Visual Learners

As a Visual Learner when I first started learning AppSheet I found myself just struggling to grasp AppSheet related concepts because my mind just wasn’t accustomed to learning from documentation. Ended up mainly being taught Kinesthetic from my co-workers showing me and me repeating.

I think having documentation in the format of a visual library would have taught me a ton faster! Because I’m a Graphic Designer I decided why not help out the people who think the way I do, with the influx of the Google AppMaker Devs there is sure to be a large group of visual learners.

This is my first shot at this concept, let me know your thoughts critiques. (keep in mind these are meant to be a carousel posts on instagram, a layout more accommodating to a pdf style is in the works


That’s really cool.

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My only thought is that your idea is so good that you should double down… Make it even more visual… Like for data set you could have a column “selected” line you know when your click on a while column in sheets or Excel…

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Awesome Idea, I was actually thinking about make some sort of interactive tool for QREW’s AppSheet Training platform in our future ‘Free Resources’ tab. (maybe make it accessible from QREW Tools :wink: )

There would be a library of expressions, you choose one and it displays the overview.

Each parameter/argument (/the pill shapes) would be a clickable buttons you could click on to display the detailed information. and for those who are less into interactivity I could make an ever evolving PDF Ebook of them.

I’ll petition @Stefan_Quartemont

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