Expression [ID Code]=[_thisrow].[ID Code] not working

This is supposed to be simple I know, but to save my remaining hair, please indulge
I am trying to filter a slice to display only rows that have the ID No specified by the user.
The expression [ID Code]=[_thisrow].[ID Code] seems to read the ID Code saved in each row, not the one entered by the user (as part of validation).
Any leads will be appreciated.


In a Slice’s Filter criteria expression there is no concept of [_THISROW]. You would need to implement something like:

[ID Code] = <Some Static Text or Number value>


[ID Code] = ANY(SELECT(<Some SELECT() expression>))

Perhaps a brief description of what rows you are trying to filter into the Slice would help with a better solution.

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Week Registration Date ID Code Attendee
38 9/16/2020 2200 Bob
38 9/16/2020 2 Jim
38 9/16/2020 22 Bob
38 9/16/2020 2 Jim

The above table refers.
When Bob enters his ID Code I need the slice to only show his records (referenced by his ID code).
Hope that makes it clearer. I will check out your suggestion meanwhile.
Thanks John

You need to read the user’s code from somewhere. If you have a users table, you could use LOOKUP(USEREMAIL(),Users,Email,Code)=[ID Code]


This works thanks…