Expression not working when it is in a LINKTOFORM

i’ve a table called TodoAction with 2 fields DateTimes: Tdo_From_DT and Tdo_To_DT

when I create a new row in this table coming from an actionButton

I want to initialize the field Tdo_From_DT with the next 2 workday at 3PM

here is the expression

LINKTOFORM(“T_Todo_Form”, “Tdo_Prs_ID”, [ID],“Tdo_Support”,“Meeting With”,“Tdo_From_DT”,WORKDAY(TODAY(), 2) + (“15:00:00” - “00:00:00”))

in the form Tdo_From_DT contains only the Date and the time is 00:00:00

ive checked the expression on another column DateTime with initialValue
WORKDAY(TODAY(), 2) + (“15:00:00” - “00:00:00”)
and it works well

I am not certain if you can use expressions as an argument.

It doesn’t appear your expression is based off of any row specific data. So, I would simply set the Initial Value of the column “Tdo_From_DT” = WORKDAY(TODAY(), 2) + (“15:00:00” - “00:00:00”)

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