Expression suddenly is giving me an error

No idea why this formula is not returning an error. I haven’t touched the app since last night when I left. When I left no error, when I came in this morning and refreshed my browser window, error popped up.
This expression is a very finicky thing that I discovered. I have a table that has a list of references that when selected “delist” themselves out into the individual items from a referenced table. So I can select “GA Stores” from APPSHEETREFERENCE_INVOICE_GROUPS which is 1 , 2 , 5 in the database, GA Stores is the label. Once I save my selection it will convert that GA Stores to 1,2,5 from STORE table.
Haven’t touched anything involving these tables or expressions in months.

Hi @Austin_Lambeth, this looks like it could be a bug. Can you provide your account number, the name of the app, and where in the app the problem is happening? (Either here or email details to

As a temporary workaround, you could

  • Create VirtualColumn1 with formula APPSHEETREFERENCE_INVOICE_GROUPS[Stores]
  • Create VirtualColumn2 with formula SELECT(STORE[StoreNumber], [StoreNumber] < 700)
  • Make sure VirtualColumn1 and VirtualColumn2 have the same type
  • Use [VirtualColumn1] + [VirtualColumn2] where the error formula is happening right now


I have an email with support that has the more explicit details of where the error is. A Michele has responded saying that they will check it out.

Thanks @Austin_Lambeth, we’re looking into it now.