Expression testing works fines but figures do not display in table

Hello am working on an inventory management app.

i have a select expression picking quantities from a purchase order table. when i test the expression in the app formula it shows results. it however does not display these results in the table when i view the data in the table…

SUM(Select(Purchase order[Quantity], AND([SubAsmid]=[_THISROW].[SubAsmid], [Purchase Order Status]=“Recieved”)))-[Commited]

Hi @thrifty_test,

Could you please mention in what type of column you are using this expression? If it is a real column, then its changes will reflect in the respective record only when you open that corresponding record and resave it.

Could you please also update what you mean when the values do not show in table? Do you mean back end table (spreadsheet or database table? )
Alternatively, if you are using expression in a virtual column , the column value will show in the app views but will not be saved in the back end table.

Note carefully:

thanks for the quick response…
when i go to the view data in the view table part. no values are seen. Am not using the expression in the virtual column. am using the the expression in a real column.


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the expression is in the instock column

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App formulas for real columns are only (re)computed when its row is modified.

Hey Steve, i have done what Mr Suvrutt Recommended in his first post and it worked. am wondering if there is a work around to ensure the figures update automatically without opening and resaving each column.

In cases like yours, one would commonly use an action of type Data: set the values of some columns to update the columns as stock moves in and out.

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let me read up and try it out… thank you very much

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