Expression to avoid repeating/replication of phone number

I am preparing an App for my company. I want to avoid repeating/replication phone numbers which have already been entered in previous value.

kindly help me to know the right expression to validate the each entry.


Hi @Gagan_Arora, Welcome to the Community.

You can use below expression inside the Valid_If.

		([PhoneNumberColumn] = [_THISROW].[PhoneNumberColumn])


Hope this help.

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Hello @Heru

Thank you for your help.

I am still facing this issue, kindly suggest how to correct this expression.

It seems that you need to remove “Column” from your [PrimaryPhoneNumberColumn]. The name should match with your actual column name.

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Hello @Heru

Thank you for your suggestion. It is working properly. Kindly help me to add another expression into the same, i want to limit the digits/length of the phone number entered ( i.e. 10 digits).

Hi Steve,

Thank you for your suggestion. I have entered the len() into the same valid if condition. but it is still taking numbers not having length equal to “10”


You’ve added the LEN() expression in the wrong place. The ISBLANK() expression is looking for duplicates, and has nothing to do with the format of the input. Instead, you want:

  (LEN([PrimaryPhoneNumber]) = 10),
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Thank you Steve. It is working now!


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@Steve, if we sets this [PrimaryPhoneNumber] as the KeyID and use Valid_If of (LEN([PrimaryPhoneNumber]) = 10) wouldn’t it will produce similar result?


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Hi @Steve and @Heru

Hope you are doing well.

This time i am updating the location names region wise with conditional expression.

i have more than 460 names of localities to be mention in suggested drop down list to choose from.

i have used LIST() expression. I guess due to high number of locality names , my app is not getting updated this time.

suggest me how can i modify it to reduce the sync time and smooth functioning of app?

is there any other expression or logic for it?

The list seems very long, Better to have a separate table for those suggested value, make enum type (if only one selection) or enumlist (if you want multiple selection), and have one column in your table as Ref-type point to this separate table.

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What makes you say this? Are you getting an error? If so, please provide a screenshot.

i am making enum type only for one selection only.

it seems like server is not taking any update.
it is slow in sync and also showing network error. My internet speed in fine, still it is showing the same.

if i will make a different column in my table for its list, then how can i show its values in localities drop down. I dont know the use of Ref() type expression. kindly help me to make it.

I have no clue for that issue, but if you are using onedrive, there were some people having issues connecting and maybe just wait and try again later.

There are many help articles for referencing between tables, below is one of them:

There are also many samples you can copy and see if it is suitable for your case, and it might also possible that I could not imagine your intent on having that long LIST() and you might better to open another post and mark this as close when you have better connection to the data. Since it is possible also that you are having a specific issue that better to post under a separate subject for other to see.

I recommend you contact directly for help with this.